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"Musicians wanted"

02/03/11 13:56:00
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Musicians wanted
Search out fellow musicians looking for a band.

Touch Circle
02/09/11 15:53:21
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Re: Musicians wanted
keyboard/synth player avalible for session work or remix. contact me at robert@isys.ca aka Touch Circle

03/05/11 17:16:02
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Re: Musicians wanted
Hey guys,
So, I've been given a task from a friend. He's basically just looking for people to start a band with. He plays guitar mostly, writes the music for all the parts, the lyrics. I guess it's kind of an indie genre. He's just having a hard time finding dedicated bandmates, and people who can play the parts he's written. Without sounding too crude, he's just looking for some followers to play the music he's written well. He's living in Sudbury right now, but there is a possibility of him attending Metalworks in September. I know there are some extremely talented people out there, even in the high schools, so this would be a good opportunity for you. The guy I'm doing this for has opened for a lot of big bands.
If anyone is interested, I can pass on your contact info to him, just send it in a pm.
Anywho, that's all.

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03/29/11 12:34:09
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Re: Musicians wanted
RED LETTER DAY is looking for a bassist!! If you or anyone you know plays bass and is interested in rockin up some dance tunes contact us so we can audition you!! =) We also play some oldies and some newer rock but we focus mainly on dance tunes and make them our own. We do move somewhat at a fast pace learning all these new covers and putting our own spin on things so if you learn quickly and love dance,rock,pop then this band might be for you!

We are looking for someone creative, has their own gear and preferably their own vehicle. If you have backup vocals this is a bonus but not 100% necessary. This band has a great following and we have great response in every single bar we play. So if you are interested give us a shout!! We are looking to get back to playing ASAP!

-Justin- RLD

Check out our note section @ www.facebook.com/redletterday1 for more info

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07/28/11 18:46:44
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Re: Musicians wanted
Seeking musicians (guitar and one other -keys?violin?horn? - open to possibilities) to start an experimental hip hop band. If you can somewhat sing this is also an asset. This is not your standard hip hop, nor is it your standard band. one part musical experimentation, one part poetic experimentation, and one part hip hop. I would like to include elements of many styles, including some not traditionally heard in hip hop music. send me a facebook message (Max Silvertongue) if interested

11/06/11 13:55:55
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Re: Musicians wanted
Seeking bass player for local rock band. Interested parties email Marc at nicebigfish@msn.com or call 705.923.0772 (can not leave message).

11/17/12 20:02:30
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Re: Musicians wanted
hey everyone im looking to join a band or start a band I am a drummer 22 years old and looking to join/ start a band with original stuff. If your interested text cell 519-998-8075 or email hankmacdonald@hotmail.com. Serious only

06/15/15 23:37:45
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Re: Musicians wanted
Might be a long shot, but i'm new to Sudbury and looking for a new band. Im guitarist and lead singer, either or, or both. I have lots of experience in studio and live. I play anything from folk to hard rock. Looking mostly for an original band. bigeaudave@hotmail.com


07/03/15 22:26:11
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Re: Musicians wanted
I'm a 17 year old guy in Sudbury looking for fellow musicians (preferably between ages 15 and 20) to start an alternative rock band. I am quite experienced, having played guitar for 6 years and piano for 13 years. I also have experience performing in front of large crowds of 500+ people. My preference would be to play guitar, however if needed I would be willing to be on bass, keyboards or vocals.

I don't need overly-talented people, just guys to jam with and get a few gigs here and there. I'm also open to playing a wide variety of genres including grunge, pop rock, indie rock, punk, metal, blues, etc.

Contact at amthe67@gmail.com

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